An Introduction!

I know, I know…strain, phenotype, chemotypes- which should we use?

I recently saw a number of prominent scientists at the Cannabis Science Conference who stated that chemovar is the most accurate botanical terminology, so we’ll be going with that.

At Lemon Remedy we worked extensively with two chemovars: Lemon Remedy CBD and Huckleberry OG Kush (aka “American Crippler”)

Lemon Remedy™ CBD

A type II chemovar with a CBD:THC ratio of 3:1. Lab tests of Lemon Remedy™ CBD over the last decade have shown that the actual cannabinoid content can vary greatly. It is not uncommon for Lemon Remedy™ CBD to have 6-8% THCA and 16-18% CBDA, with 2-3% terpenoids. With 3:1 chemovars, the CBD tends to greatly lessen the effect of any THC present. Terpenes also play a large roll in moderating or catalyzing the effect of the cannabinoids. Lemon Remedy™ CBD is high in limonene. Limonene can have anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects. There is also a high level of myrcene which is commonly found in type I chemovars that are THC-dominant. Beta caryophylene is found in almost all cannabis. Pinene is a bronchodilator and linalool is a relaxant. This chemovar is perfect for inexperienced patients or those who are looking for help with anxiety. This all leads to a strong lemon and fuel flavor and a very light and uplifting mental effect.

Huckleberry OG Kush is a type I chemovar high in THC and myrcene. THC levels of 20-24% are common in this OG Kush cross. Myrcene acts to catalyze the THC and makes its onset intense. Limonene is the second dominant terpene, then beta caryophyllene and linalool. This chemovar is not recommended for inexperienced patients due to the high THC and myrcene content. This all leads to a strong fuel, lemon, and pine flavor with a very intense mental effect.

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