The story behind Lemon Remedy™

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Lemon Remedy™ is named after Lilli Rose.
Lilli fought a very rare and extremely slow growing cancer for 14 years.
The plant helped Lilli endure some of the most aggressive treatment available at the time only in clinical trials. Despite the efforts of some of the most advanced treatment available, Lilli passed away in 2013.
We continue to guide our efforts in research with the understanding that we are obligated to investigate and develop products which promise to advance the humane treatment of human beings.
We are sensitive to the confidentiality of patients and hold space for the grief that surrounds ill health and the struggles we face during our lifetimes.

How we work

At Lemon Remedy™, we strive to make available the cleanest, safest, and most effective products in the cannabis market. For over 10 years in the California proposition 215 Medical Cannabis program, our products were tested for mold/pathogens, pesticides, and cannabinoid/terpenoid content. During much of this time, testing of products was rarely performed by dispensaries within California.

We gained a thorough appreciation for the laboratory analysis of our products and used the data to drive our focus on optimizing the potential of our two flagship chemotypes, Lemon Remedy™ CBD and Huckleberry OG Kush. This period of data acquisition informed our use of various cultivation techniques and lead to the development of conservation measures that eliminated waste and maximized production.

We believe that cannabis must be produced in environmentally sound manners using ethically sourced inputs in order to minimize the impact to the environment. The cultivation and extraction techniques utilized are rooted in science with a focus on repeatability and sustainability. As we move into the next phase of our projects, we have partnered with farms in several states to continue to provide Lemon Remedy™ CBD products and other varieties to licensed dispensaries.


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Lemon Remedy CBD Flower

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High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract

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Huckleberry OG Kush Flower

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